Hey! My name is Ana and I welcome you to the Pell d'Arbre universe.

Pell d'Arbre is an accessories brand. Our products are all made with cork, vegan and have a minimalist aproach to design.

What makes Pell d'Arbre different from other of cork accessories brands?

– All products are designed and produced by me, in a small workshop in the centre of Valencia.

– The production is crafted by hand, in very small quantities, giving the utmost importance to the quality of the materials and finishes.

Pell d’Arbre’s core values are: sustainability, solidarity, veganism, gender-neutrality and transparency.

– I place great importance on the Corporate Social Responsibility of this micro-enterprise and aim to generate positive impact at environmental, social and economical levels.

gender neutrality

Gender Neutrality and Categories

Hey! I’m excited to start publishing photos of my products in full use. I would also like to take advantage of the fact that it is still “pride month” to…
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