Headphones Organiser – Bird

Headphone organiser in the shape of a bird, available in various colours.



Light brown
Dark brown
Olive green
Dark green
Water green
Greyish blue
Dark blue
Deep purple
Brick red
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Solidarity product. Bird-shaped headphone organiser. Available in various colours.

This is a solidarity product, which means that the profits from its sale are donated to one of the non-profit organisations collaborating with Pell d’Arbre. The bird-shaped headphone organisers are attributed to “MetAlentejo“, a Portuguese organisation that promotes the psychosocial well-being of people with mental illness.

With this organiser, you’ll never have your headphone cables tangled up again. You can also use the headphone organisers to bundle, or prevent other things from getting tangled, such as your necklaces and bracelets, your mobile phone charger cable or your pens and pencils, for example. Some people also wear them as necklace pendants.

These small objects are perfect gifts as they are useful and at the same time you can associate them with the personal tastes of the person you are giving them to (animal and favourite colour).

Materials: Cork fabric and brass clasp.

Made in Valencia.


Transparent price – materials and labour: 1.50€ – taxes (VAT): 1.21€ – Donated profit: 4.29€.


Headphones not included.

If you have any questions feel free to send me a WhatsApp!


Weight 0,1 kg
Dimensions 5,5 × 4 cm
Color (tejido de corcho)

Natural, Light brown, Dark brown, Grey, Olive green, Dark green, Water green, Greyish blue, Dark blue, Deep purple, Brick red, Orange


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