Solidarity Products

One of the ways I collaborate is through the donation of the total value of the profit made from the sale of solidarity products. I know all the following projects personally and I have been collaborating with some sinse the firts days of the brand. To each of them I have attributed one of the animals that give shape to Pell d’Arbre’s earphone organisers.

El Rebrot de la Vida

“El Rebrot de la Vida” is an animal welfare association in Catarroja (Valencia), created in 2013, with the aim of giving a new life to the animals that need it most: those that have been abandoned, mistreated, exploited in farms or that appear injured in the street. Apart from trying to improve the living conditions of these animals, the association promotes awareness-raising and sensitisation activities about speciesism. In addition, they are actively seeking adoption, financial support and temporary foster homes for many non-human animals who, although they may not be refugee animals from the Rebrot, are in need. “El Rebrot de la Vida” is the bridge between the abandonment these animals have suffered and a future loving family. It is a transversal project, that collaborates with other collectives.

From the foundation of Pell d’Arbre I wanted to share the success of my sales with other projects that promote the same values as I do. It was with “El Rebrot de la Vida” that I first collaborated, through the sale of solidarity products, at the very first event in which I participated with the brand, in December 2017. I had the opportunity to personally meet several team members of this wonderful crew and I know that the work they do on a daily basis is as beautiful as it is hard.

If you want to know more about “el Rebrot” I encourage you to take a look at theirwebsite, theirFacebook page and theirInstagram profile.

If you want to help this project so that they can take care of their inhabitants and continue rescuing animals, you can do so by buying one of Pell d’Arbre’s dog shaped earphone organisers (all profits from the sale of this solidarity product will be donated to the association), you can become a Teamer or you can make a donation via Paypal ( or by bank transfer (Account: ES61 3118 2033 4127 2000 1376 Holder: El Rebrot Bank: Caja Rural de Torren).


The “Asociación BIOagradables” is a collective of volunteer environmental activists. Their main activity is the organisation of monthly beach clean-ups, which they use as a tool to raise direct awareness of our impact on the natural environment. They also organise talks and workshops on environmental education for schools (primary and secondary) and lectures for the general public.

I personally collaborate as a volunteer in various of their activities. As a result, I have learnt a lot and met some very nice and interesting people. I encourage everyone who can to participate in one of the beach clean-ups, it is a very cool activity to do either alone or with friends and/or family.

Since the summer of 2012, the collective has been touring the Valencian beaches from Pinedo

to Meliana Beach, collecting marine litter from our beaches every month and reaching more people every day through each activity. The individual action of each person has an impact on their environment, provoking a response from society, which is why at “BIOagradables” they aim to motivate positive actions so that more people are influenced by this attitude and the actions they carry out generate a positive impact on the community.

To find out more about “BIOagradables” and to find out when and where the next beach clean-up is, visit their Facebook page, thierInstagram profile or theirwebsite.

If you want to help this environmental project you can do so by buying one of Pell d’Arbre’s fish shaped earphone organisers(all the profits from the sale of this solidarity product will be donated to the association), or you can become aTeamer.

Los gatos del Cabanyal

Monica is the founder of “Los gatos del Cabanyal”. She went from being a typical “dog person” with an allergy to cats to being crazy in love with her feline neighbours. In front of her house there is one of several stray cat colonies. She would watch it from her window, and one day she noticed the small kittens, who were starting to grow up and go out to explore the world. But many of them were very sick, the mothers did not have enough food even for themselves, and the little ones were in danger. Unable to look away, Monica rescued the three little ones in the photo when they were still just little legged chickpeas. Gradually her allergies disappeared and he hasn’t stopped since. Monica is commtied to protect and dignify the neighbourhood cats of Cabanyal, in Valencia, by caring for, sterilising and finding responsible adoption families for the kittens that have already been born.

She is a great friend of mine, we met a few years ago in Valencia and

donate to nonprofit

we share many values such as respect for animal life and the environment. I support “Los gatos del Cabanyal” because I trust its founder and I know how serious she is about this project.

If you are also a cat lover and want to contribute to this cause, you can do so by buying one of Pell d’Arbre’s cat-shaped earphone organisers (all the profits from the sale of this product will be donated to the organisation), or you can become aTeamer for “Los gatos del Cabanyal”. To find out more about the project check out its Facebook pageandInstagram profile.


The “MetAlentejo” association promotes the creation, promotion and development of favourable conditions for the psychosocial well-being of the community, especially of people with mental illnesses. “MetAlentejo” aims to achieve the following goals derived from its defining objectives: promoting actions of social solidarity; creating and ensuring the functioning of social teams for people diagnosed with mental illness; contributing to the humanisation and effectiveness of care for people in need of psychosocial support and their families; promoting and creating conditions for the rehabilitation and reintegration of people with mental illness into the family and community; promoting research and scientific and technical exchange in the field of mental illness and its effects on the community; encouraging the participation of families and carers in the process of rehabilitation and social reintegration.

Finally, “MetAlentejo” is also dedicated, as an association of health professionals, psychiatric patients, their families, friends and caregivers, to the defence of the rights of the mentally ill, social advocacy and the fight against stigma and discrimination.

MetAlentejo is a project that is based in Évora, the city where I was born and where I spent all my childhood. I know the association through my sister Rita, who works there as a volunteer and frequently tells me about the activities that are being carried out. I personally believe that this effort to end the stigma of mental illness is very important and I am proud to support a project in my hometown.

If you want to help this project you can do so by buying Pell d’Arbre’s earphone organiser in the shape of a bird. (all the profit from the sale of this solidarity product will be donated to the association) and if you are interested in making a direct donation, please contact me and I will tell you how you can do it. To find out more about MetAlentejo you can visit their website, their Facebook page or their Instagram profile (please keep in mind that as this is a Portuguese project, so all the info is in Portuguese).